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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Being old enough to remember Trump's claims his "investigators" report on Obama would be released as soon as they got back from Hawaii, I'm hardly surprised.  But we have these (all before 9 a.m. EDT)!

To which this is the best response:
Although this isn't bad, either:

Or adults, for that matter.
Wait for it....
Such confidence!  The confidence of a man whistling past the graveyard!
Everybody remember the complete lack of criticism Bill "It's the economy, stupid" Clinton got because of the booming economy!  Why, he wasn't even impeached, was he?
Yeah, about that:
That Twitter, making it so hard to bots to sign on.
I told you to wait for it:
The penny dropped and he realized he's been in office for over 2 years.  Time to update the slogan, huh?


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