Thursday, January 04, 2007

Best News I've Heard All Week

For those of you who fear for my state of mind(Gor bless 'ou, everyone!):

We're still on the Hill, and the great news of the day -- indeed, the best news we've heard all week-- is that tomorrow Democratic Congressional leaders will come out with a strong statement on troop escalation, laying down a marker and establishing the Democratic position on what has become the first critical decision on the war in Iraq facing the 110th Congress.
Couple that with what Barney Frank said:

Barney Frank is the incoming Chair of the Financial Services Committee, and he has come in and committed himself to a very progressive agenda. The first piece of his remarkable speech was his sharp point that the intentional neglect of the housing situation of Katrina victims was 'ethnic cleansing through inaction'.
There can only be one response:

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