Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guns are f*ckin' dangerous, mkay?

Good thing this kind of accident can't possibly happen in the classroom, with kids around:

At the conclusion of the CHL training on February 27, 2013, one certified person stayed for private instruction with the instructor and had a mechanical malfunction with his weapon. With the assistance of the instructor, the malfunction was addressed, but the gun misfired and the bullet ricocheted coming back to strike the VISD employee in the left leg. The VISD employee was attended to at the scene and transferred to Tyler for further treatment. The injury is not life threatening or disabling. Because of privacy and security issues we cannot make any further statement.

VISD=Van Independent School District.  It's a small town outside Tyler, Texas. A VISD school board member said this did not change his mind about guns in the classroom.  That would be because he is an idiot.  The VISD employee is in fair condition in a Tyler hospital.  Imagine if it were a student, instead.

This is precisely why guns don't belong in schools.  I've yet to hear of a knife going off and ricocheting around the room, coming back to strike a bystander.  And, as I recall high school life, the solution to the danger of knives in the classroom was to ban them, not to require the teachers to carry bigger knives and learn how to throw them.

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