Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So much for Lenten resolutions

Remington 750 semiautomatic hunting rifle. Remington's marketing material promises "super-fast cycling.... Rapid follow-ups are its specialty, but famed Remington one-shot accuracy comes standard."
I made myself a private promise to put down the gun cudgel, at least until after Easter.  I do declare, publicly, this will be my last word on the subject until then (unless something this good comes along and tempts me.  I can resist anything but temptation....).

Charlie Pierce has the goods:

In a statement read afterward by his attorney, Niederhauser acknowledged he shouldn't have fired his weapon when he did. "Despite all of the education and training I have received, I was not prepared for the effects of emotion and adrenaline, and how that interfered with my ability to act in accordance with my training," the statement said. "I cannot be sure where the bullets I fired hit." He told other homeowners they have a right to protect themselves, but he cautioned them to fire their weapons only within the parameters of the law. "Please know that you cannot shoot at a fleeing felon unless somebody's life is in immediate danger," the statement said. "Remember, we value life more than property."
Yes, let us remember that. Or not.

The shooter, Mr. Niederhauser, is contrite.  But those who hear of the removal of his gun from his hands, for what would surely have constituted a criminal act if someone had been hit (and should be a criminal act regardless) is tyranny to others:
The Utah resident's supporters are declaring his arrest unfair, stating that he is being wrongly punished for protecting his home. Many are calling this arrest an unnerving warning of a precedent that will disallow other residents from taking similar actions in self defense.     

Charlie has the link to the reasonable opposing view, which is pretty much my response, now, to these idiots. I'm sick of them.  Keeping that anger in check, will be my Lenten duty.

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