Monday, April 30, 2018

Say What?

I listen to "1A" on NPR, and one of their more annoying habits is to ask listeners to call in about stories they want to cover; the call ins are meant to solicit information they can use for the upcoming show, but it often feels like they are soliciting audience interest, and might cancel a show if it doesn't generate enough phone calls beforehand.

So now the POTUS is running U.S. foreign relations like a call-in show?

I went to his Twitter feed because I'd seen this tweet:
And I'd thought:  Don't you have a summit with North Korea to plan?  Why do you care about a dinner you refused to attend?  And what does "DEAD as we know it" mean, anyway?  We didn't really 'know it' until they started inviting comics like Stephen Colbert, and got the notoreity they were obviously looking for.  If it goes back to being a dull party where Washington insiders rub elbows and swap knowing looks while dining with Hollywood stars they will go back to complaining about on Monday morning, what loss would that be to the republic?  It's not a government function, after all.

But more to the point:  why is the President asking the public for their input on the best location for the Korean summit?  Symbolism?  Or ratings?  Or just more flattery of Dear Leader?

More and more I think impeachment is the best remedy for all concerned.

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