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Monday, March 05, 2018

Because he's the President?

Why are we paying attention to this man?

Okay, something must be done; I guess.  Maybe we should develop, I dunno, a policy to deal with this?  You know, consideration of facts, examination of trade policies, analysis of costs and benefits, complicated stuff like that?  No?


I pause to remind the President that Texas does not want to see NAFTA radically revised, as Texas has benefited more from NAFTA than any other state in the country.  I mean, frankly, if you want to turn Texas blue, then be the party that junked NAFTA.
But is this tied to the tariffs?

So, are we protecting steel, or presenting a bargaining chip to renegotiate NAFTA?  Since the WTO is going to drag in far more countries than Canada and Mexico if tariffs are imposed, how is this a bargaining chip at all?  And if it is, is protecting steel really so important to national security?  What the hell IS the policy the White House is proposing?  Does anyone even know?


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