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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Too much low-hanging fruit

No, Rasmussen has your approval exactly at 44%, with 54% disapproval., by the way, has the Rasmussen poll of March 6-8 rated at a "C+".  The Marist poll, rated "A," for March 5-6 has an approval rating of 42%, a disapproval rating of 50%.  You can read the Axios link for comparisons to Obama's favorability ratings.  Basically Trump still has to look up to see Obama's lowest numbers.  50% is "close" to 44% the same way a lightning bug is close to lightning.

And remember that canard that Trump "won" the popular vote, if you just discount the vote from California?  Trump does:

“‘Women won’t like Donald Trump,’” he portrayed critics as having said during his campaign.

“I said, have I really had that kind of a problem? I don’t think so. But, ‘Women won’t like Donald Trump. It will be a rough night for Donald Trump because the women won’t come out.’ We got 52 percent, right? 52. And I’m running against a woman. You know, it’s not that easy,” he said, referring to his presidential political rival, Hillary Clinton.

Except Trump won only 41% of the women's vote.  He did win 52% of the white women's vote, but I guess those are the only ones who should vote, right?

Fake news much?


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

We found out Republicans can't do math in the Reagan administration.

It is clearly a danger to democracy and even national security that a large enough percentage of the population could have been convinced to vote for Trump as did, both democracy and national security can be destroyed by a minority vote that puts someone like him in office. Yet we still have the Electoral College, after it has brought the like of Trump into office.

5:23 AM  

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