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Saturday, March 24, 2018

I Have One Thing To Say

about "March for Our Lives," and it is this that gives me hope above all the wonderful signs and the crowds turning out around the world.

The common refrain among the children who started this is that they will vote.  They understand government in this country better than many of us, because they understand they have to vote.  Not voting is to allow somebody else's vote to count.  Not voting is to allow politicians to ignore you.  Not voting does not get hopeful candidates coming to your door (as happened to me during the Texas primary season).

Vote.  Vote.  Vote.  Vote early and often, but vote.  Not voting for Clinton because she didn't inspire you or you wanted another candidate or you didn't want to support her, got us Donald Trump.  Not voting allows the NRA to scare politicians into voting with them, those politicians they don't buy outright.  Money counts, but votes count more.  Greg Abbott poured millions into primary campaigns in the GOP in Texas trying to unseat people who had displeased him.  In almost every case, his money meant nothing.  It meant nothing, because people voted, and their votes weren't bought.

You've never heard of Pflugerville, now you're hearing from Pflugerville.

Vote.  It's the best reason to take hope from this day that there can be.


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