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"It is impossible for me to say in my book one word about all that music has meant in my life. How then can I hope to be understood?--Ludwig Wittgenstein

“The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice."--Bryan Stevenson

Saturday, March 24, 2018

"Every Word Is Like An Unnecessary Stain Upon Silence And Nothingness"

Emma Gonzales, high school student, reminded us all if the power of silence in a world that talks too much.  Under Beckett's admonition I have to add the silence the words of Merton.

"Words stand between silence and silence: between the silence of things and the silence of our own being. Between the silence of the world and the silence of God. When we have really met and known the world in silence, words do not separate us from other men, nor from God, nor from ourselves because we no longer trust entirely in language to contain reality."--Thomas Merton


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

It was the best thing that could be said.

I can't think of any figure of the old left or the new-old left would would have used six minutes so well and in such a way that drew attention, not to them, but to the people were were the substance of the demonstration.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Rmj said...

It was the most amazing part of an amazing day.

9:41 AM  

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