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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Post-March for Our Lives Gutless Wonder Award

These people should have been taking CPR classes instead of petitioning their government

We have two candidates for the "Gutless Wonder" Award, given to the person so empty of soul and such a puppet of the NRA they repeat whatever the NRA wants them to say without thought to how it sounds to others.  Our first nominee, former Sen. Rick Santorum:

“This is the bottom line,” Santorum lectured. “Is this a political effort? Is this a political movement? It very well may be, and that’s fine, people certainly supported it.  But if it’s the Hollywood elites and the liberal billionaires who funded this, it’s all about politics. Or is is it about keeping our schools safe?”*

“If it’s about keeping schools safe, we need a broader discussion,” he then suggested. “How about kids taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations if there is violence?”

“They took action!” Keilar interrupted.

“Yeah, they took action to ask someone to pass a law, but they didn’t take action for how do I, as an individual, deal with this problem?” Santorum heatedly replied. “How am I going to stop bullying within my own community? What am I actually going to do to an issue? Those are the kinds of things you can take internally and say ‘Here’s how I’m going to deal with this and help the situation,’ instead of going and protesting and saying someone else needs to pass a law to protect me.”

CNN regular Van Jones pointed out that he has a child who will be attending high school next year, before adding, “I’m proud of these kids.”

“I’m’ proud of them too,” Santorum parried. “But ignoring the problems and saying some phony gun law is going to solve it — phony gun laws don’t solve these problems. That’s what we found out.”

We don' need no steenken' government!  A former U.S. Senator, ladies and gentleman.  And a sitting (so he won't be noticed) Senator, Sen. Marco Rubio:

“While I do not agree with all of the solutions they propose, I respect their views and recognize that many Americans support certain gun bans,” the senator said.

Those against gun bans “want to prevent mass shootings” too, Rubio continued, but they “view banning guns as an infringement on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens that ultimately will not prevent these tragedies.”

It's a tough call.  Santorum is arguing CPR is the new "duck 'n' cover" (he's too young to catch that reference, I know).  Sen. "$1.05" Rubio is proving he's so bought and paid for by the NRA he actually thinks human life takes a back seat to the 2nd Amendment and so even does majority rule.  Besides, these tragedies are as natural as sunrise and we can't stop 'em.  Right, former Sen. Santorum?

You make the judgment.  Which one is truly the Gutless Wonder?  Lines are open; operators are standing by.  This is a free call.

*If you're wondering why that language sounds familiar.


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

Did anyone think to ask him when he last updated his CPR skills? I have my doubts that Rick Santorum has taken his own advice, which is only the advice of a hypocritical rejected politician cum cabloid talking head liar.

He is disgusting.

8:27 AM  
Blogger rustypickup said...

Don't vote too early, we have another competitor!

2:54 PM  

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