Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Living in a Material World

When it comes down to it, that's all they believe in. Ideals and concepts be damned. It's all just paper, and the sword is mightier than the pen:

ROHRABACHER: Well, I'll tell you something, if a nuclear weapon goes off in Washington, DC, or New York or Los Angeles, it'll burn the Constitution as it does. So I'm very happy we have a president that's going to wiretap people's communication with people overseas to make sure that they're not plotting to blow up one of our cities.
Because after Fort Sumter fell, and Pearl Harbor was bombed, heaven knows we simply set fire to the Constitution and asked the Dictator to be our savior, to take control of our military and our civil life, and to deliver us from evil.

Then again, maybe it fits, because "savior" was a political term in 1st century Rome. It referred to Caesar, who "saved" Rome and anyone Rome ruled, from barbarism and war. Usually by making overwhelming war on them, until they succumbed, and thus were "saved."

So there was always been something almost subversive about proclaiming Jesus the Christ the "savior." And undoubtedly, if the teachings of Jesus, or the practices of the church in Acts, were to be followed again, "security" would once again be a national concern.

But somehow, I don't think that's where Rep. Rohrbacher was going.

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