Saturday, December 24, 2005

December 24--Gott mit uns

O Emmanuel, ruler and lawgiver,
desire of the nations,
savior of all people.
Come and set us free, Lord our God.

It is both terrible and comforting to dwell in the inconceivable nearness of God, and so to be loved by God that the first and last gift is infinity and inconceivability itself. But we have no choice. God is with us.--Karl Rahner

No one can truly celebrate a genuine Christmas without being truly poor. The self-sufficient, the proud, those who, because they have everything, look down on others, those who have no need even of God--for them there will be no Christmas. Only the poor, the hungry, those who need someone to come on their behalf, will have that someone. That someone is God, Emmanuel, God-with-us. Without poverty of spirit there can be no abundance of God.--Oscar Romero

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