Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Can See It In My Dreams

I guess the White House needs a new radar screen:

WASHINGTON - A House committee investigating the government's response to Hurricane Katrina issued a subpoena Wednesday to force Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to turn over documents but stopped short of sending a similar legal demand to the White House.

The subpoena commands Rumsfeld to produce internal records and communications about the Pentagon's response to the Aug. 29 storm, including efforts to send supplies to victims, stabilize public safety and mobilize active duty forces in the Gulf Coast. It requires the Pentagon to deliver the documents, spanning from Aug. 23 to Sept. 15, from Rumsfeld and eight other top military officials by Dec. 30.

Separately, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said it would comply with a judge's ruling that FEMA keep paying for hotel rooms for hurricane evacuees until Feb. 7. The agency also agreed to extend the program for eligible storm victims who have not been helped by that deadline.
This last is a major issue in Houston. There are 100,000 people houses here who fled the hurricane's destruction, and the question now is: will FEMA let their vouchers expire on March 1? It seems FEMA told the City to write 12 month vouchers, but now wants to end that program as soon as possible.

Bush may not be visiting hurricane affected regions anymore. But those regions extend well beyond the areas shown on TV in September.

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