Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"What Did You Say To The Librarians?"

When Michael Moore was trying to get Stupid White Men published, he famously got support from the librarians.

You probably heard on NPR this morning that even the FBI is concerned about their impact. "Radical militant librarians" have been kicking the FBI around while our poor Efrem Zimbalists and Fox Mulders strive only to uncover the truth about terrorism.

On Morning Edition, even Steve Inskeep thought that description was nuts. Lunacy at its finest. Personally, I love it. "Radical militant librarians" just calls forth hordes of gray-bunned, long-skirted, bespectacled women, who are militant about telling you to be quiet!
It's a sad day when anyone in the FBI feels quashed by the work of librarians. It speaks volumes about the "GWOT".

Of his own experience, Mr. Moore said: "This is a fascinating story because it shows what a free society does when confronted with a crisis. Do we maintain our sense of freedom and liberty and dissent and open discussion of the issues? Or do we start putting the clamp down? I waited it out to see." Apparently that story isn't over, however.

That, or some in this Administration are really getting desperate for enemies to demonize.

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