Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Terra! Terra! Terra!"

And if you don't feel safer, maybe tearing up the Constitution would help:

Chertoff said he would like to see a renewed look at U.S. laws that could give authorities here the flexibility to detain suspects for longer periods of time, noting the British have such latitude.

"I think we should always review the law," Chertoff said. "Certainly the ability to be as nimble as possible with surveillance, and their ability to hold people for a period of time gives them a legal advantage.

"We have to have a legal system to allow us to do that rather than punishing people after the fact," he added.
Because, you know, despite the fact we know that no explosive liquids were being carried on planes here in America, you can never be too afraid:

"We haven't fully analyzed the evidence, so we are concerned there are some plotters out there," he said. "We're also concerned about other groups who may carry out attacks because they think we are distracted."

The continuing high level of alert "suggests a real uncertainty about whether they have fully plumbed the scope of the plot, and whether they've wrapped everybody up," Chertoff said. "They also have to be concerned about copycats — other groups that may think they have the opportunity to carry out a plot."
Can't let that NBC News story take hold, now, can we?

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