Saturday, December 09, 2006

When is a pipe not a pipe?

Apparently when it's less than 71%.

Yes, the Washington CW is that Bush has to decide when we leave Iraq, since he is both the Commander in Chief and the Decider. But the former is only a title meant to keep the military under civilian control, and the latter is a self-applied designation that is, quite simply, frightening. The question should actually be put to the sovereign which, in a democracy, is the people. But even when it is asked and answered, the answer is distorted:

Even so, Americans are not necessarily intent on getting all U.S. troops out right away, the poll indicated. The survey found strong support for a two-year timetable if that's what it takes to get U.S. troops out. Seventy-one percent said they would favor a two-year timeline from now until sometime in 2008. When people are asked instead about a six-month timeline for withdrawal that number drops to 60 percent.
In any other count, 60% would count as a super-majority, and 71% would only be seen as a distinction between the support for getting out right now, or within 4 more FU's. A distinction, in other words, without a substantive difference. But apparently withdrawal is still so unimaginable that a difference of 11% means the American people agree with their pundits, and a minority, are dirty stinking hippies.

Still not sure when 60% became a minority of the voters, but there you have it. It's not just Bush holding us back.

Clearly, we need to get our intensities aligned.

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