Friday, December 14, 2007

Daemon, daemon, who's got a daemon?

Alright, this is just fun:

This was always my favorite conceit of the trilogy, and perhaps the best entry point for a theological appreciation of the books.

I picked this up from Arkenor, who has an excellent post on the movie and reactions to it. I quite agree: Christianity has survived criticism and even four centuries of persecution. Odd that a church founded on martyrdom (we celebrate the first martyr almost immediately after Christmas Day; and what of the all but forgotten Innocents?) would have adherents who could find it so easily "persecuted" by a movie. Of course, this reflects the changing tenor of society, not the power of the Evil One. But that's another topic, isn't it?

I kind of like my daemon. I was hoping it would be something interesting. At first I thought it was a raven, but a crow seems even better.

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