Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why We Vote

I'd like to have more personal anecdotes to pass along, but I've done that. The only notable quotes I can find this morning are from the Dallas Morning News, but they'll do:

Ms. Dean, who has been an election official for 35 years, said it will probably get busier by noon and at the end of the work day. She has noticed, too, that more people who have never voted before want to vote now.

“It’s like they belong. They seem to have the same mindset that something wonderful is going to happen. It’s like a realness, like ‘I really understand why they were after me to vote.’”

Election Day brought out first-time voters, including 27-year-old Lisa Hardaway who voted for Barack Obama at the Denton Civic Center.

“I never really cared to vote before because I didn’t feel like it really made a difference,” she said. “This is an important election that’s really opened up my eyes.”
I still think it was the sight of a US city drowning that made people realize government is the solution, not the problem. Whatever it was, I'm glad they're turning out.

I should also note that the Dallas/Fort Worth environs are hardly considered a hotbed of "liberalism", yet most of the quotes in that story favor Obama and the Democrats. The results tonight might be real interestin'.

Official projections for Texas are 68% voter turnout, but I'm still holding out hope for 73%, or better. We'll see.

And just to give the "old" reputation of Dallas it's due:

Good thing the times are a-changin', huh?

And long as you're here...

I'd like to associate myself with the comments of Mr. Jensen. Hear, hear!

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