Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Waiting For The Big One

The newest worry is that economic problems will lead to governmental collapse (and, of course, it could happen here!). And certainly, that's a serious concern. It's why Germany is so resistant to government stimulus spending that might trigger inflation. It was hyper-inflation, in no small part, that lead to National Socialists being the only party in Germany early in the 20th century.

But that, as Stacy Peralta says, is because we don't allow such things to happen to white, middle-class people.

"Affluent white kids would never be allowed to gang-bang as our society would do whatever means was necessary to make sure a problem of this magnitude was stopped immediately."
Poor black and Mexican kids? Who cares?

Zimbabwe has the problems Germany had in the 1920's. Nigeria isn't far behind. But lemme know when a European government is about to collapse, because we'll do everything we can not to allow that to happen. That's when we'll know this global economic problem is serious.

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