Wednesday, May 13, 2009

While We're On the Subject this morning....

By the way, pay attention to what Liz Cheney says here. The argument is not just the "ticking time bomb" scenario, but that torture is illegal, so what was done was not torture. This is not accidental. This is, as Lawrence Wilkerson point out, blind panic.

Notice Mr. Robinson is frustrated because Ms. Cheney's argument begs the very question it raises. If we can assume a perfect scenario where we know the outcome before taking the action, then, hey, presto! It's okay!

Real life, of course, doesn't work like that. And Ms. Cheney never mentions how many times we waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, or what information we got from him. This is the level of the argument now, though: bluster. Small wonder Mr. Robinson soon realized he was arguing with a fool, and how pointless that is.

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