Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adios, Mofo

I simply cannot resist, especially since the observation by Charles Pierce is so perfect:

Added Rick Perry Bonus: I was watching the Frontline documentary on the appalling case of Cameron Todd Willingham, whom Perry put to death for murder by arson based on trash science not far removed from bleeding people with leeches. Apparently, toward the end, Willingham believed his wife had sold him out and, while in the death chamber, he told her that he fucking hoped she'd rot in hell, or something to that effect. Confronted with the fact that the best scientific evidence exonerated Willingham of the crime, and that he'd rigged an investigation into the case by firing some people and installing his cronies, Perry says to a gaggle of reporters that Willingham was a "bad man" because, at the end, he directed at his wife "an obscenity-laced triad."

A triad.

Inches from actual English.
This is why we make fun of Aggies in Texas. They give us so much material to work with.


  1. Sherri12:45 PM

    Given his background (Eagle Scout, Aggie, Air Force), I think it's safe to say that unlike George W Bush, who played much dumber than he was, Perry is sincerely dumb. Emphasis on sincere.

  2. Thanks for my laugh of the day, though it's not at all funny, when you think about it. Todd Willingham is dead. Sometimes my sick sense of humor gets ahead of my good sense.

    Aggie yards away from English, perhaps?

  3. Your are right, these guys are true comedians, they makes laugh until cry.