Thursday, November 15, 2012

Of doughnuts and holes.....

Alright, one last thing political.

Josh Marshall says everyone wants Mitt Romney to leave the national stage yesterday; except for Democrats happy to have him to kick around a bit more as representative of the GOP.  TPM bolsters that opinion with two articles:  one quotes David Frum, Ana Navarro, Matt Lewis, and Bobby Jindal, all disapproving of Romney's comments about the "gifts" Obama gave voters who voted for him.   The other points out Kelly Ayotte isn't happy with Romney, either.

Think Progress concurs, quoting Jindal and Scott Walker, and headlining the article that "Republican Governors Condemn Romney's Claim...."  Which sounds like all the GOP Governors stood foursquare with Jindal and Walker and Sen. Ayotte and some pundits.

Not quite.

According to Wade Goodwin on NPR, the GOP governors (at the same meeting TP is talking about) are very happy with where they are.  And he starts the report quoting Bobby Jindal; who really is just delivering good ol' Southern Louisiana populism, not a radical shift in GOP direction.  Listen to the quotes there; there isn't any despair over what Romney did; it's more over what Obama did.  Romney's remarks may not be very smooth, but the GOP idea that we are divided between "movers" and "takers" is still "widely accepted" among the GOP governors.

This is, of course, good news; just not necessarily for Republicans.

Meanwhile, watch the doughnut, not the hole.


  1. Then there's the repulsive Charlie Webster, the head of the Maine Republican Party, who is keeping up the Birth of a Nation theme

    He says he's sending out a thousand postcards to Maine towns to solicit reports of voter fraud, of the kind that he got the sleazy Republican Sec. of State to "investigate" massive voter fraud in the state only to find...... none.

    Luckily both will be gone in January when the Republicans lose the legislature in Augusta and the constitutional offices are refilled by the new Democratic majority.

  2. Yeah, I read about Charlie. Apparently he can't name the places where this happened, but he's sure it did.

    Real credible guy, is Charlie. And not at all a racist! Why, he'll tell ya so!

  3. P.S. it is interesting how none of Mitt's critics in the GOP made mention of the overtly racist basis of Mitt's analysis.

    Because when the government helps rich people (who are almost always white), it's deserved. But anything given to blacks (or women, or "youth") is a "gift." 'Cause none of them deserve it.

    Lazy and shiftless, everyone of 'em.

    It's no accident his campaign was the most racist since George Wallace ran in '68.

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