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Friday, August 09, 2019

It No Longer Feels Random

Does it matter if the El Paso shooter took a direct line from POTUS?  What about if POTUS and the El Paso shooter were just drinking from the same well?

And as a broadcaster said just a few minutes ago, in Texas, which is almost 50% Hispanic already, this shooting "no longer feels random," and many in Texas are afraid of the next racist xenophobe with a gun in a store full of people, many of whom look like "Mexicans" (neither a race nor an accurate description of all the citizens of Mexico, but does that matter, either?).

The country we become is in part determined by the person with the bully pulpit.  Trump may not be telling people to shoot others.  But he's not doing anything to tell them not to.  He is telling people he's not a white supremacist.  Doesn't mean he doesn't sound exactly like one.  Trump, after all, isn't famous for his self-awareness; only for his self-regard.


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