Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spot the Praxis!

Pursuant to the post below, start with this definition:

a praxis [is] a decision that exceeds simple conscience or simple theoretical understanding
keeping in mind

it is also true that the same concept requires a decision or responsible action to answer for itself consciously, that is, with knowledge of a thematics of what is done, of what action signifies, its causes, ends, etc.
Now, the question: which of the following is a praxis, i.e., not just a "simple theoretical understanding":

'Churches that are divided and fearful and inward-looking don't easily give that message [that the Church is a gift]; and our Anglican family badly needs to find some ways of resolving its internal tensions that will set it free to be more confidently what GOD wants it to be. ....We'll be praying, then, that GOD will help us sort out some of our tensions as we listen to this good news – so that we can go on saying it with joy and conviction to the world around.'
Bishop David also has an interesting analysis of how many Anglicans the 650 bishops at Lambeth actually represent. About 44 million, he figures, of which nearly 40 million are Global South Anglicans represented equally at Gafcon.

C) The ordination of Bishop Eugene Robinson.

You have one hour. Answer in complete sentences.

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