Thursday, June 28, 2018

And the basement in the pizza parlor....

The shooter in Maryland is reportedly refusing to give his name and carried no ID.

Will it be a surprise if he turns out to be a "sovereign citizen"/white supremacist targeting "fake news"?

I know I won't be.  Gonna be hard to tag this on Rep. Maxine Waters or the Red Hen staff. Yeah, nothing to see here. Or here.


  1. North Korea is not only NOT denuclearizing, as Trump claims - they’re INCREASING their arsenal.

    But fake news, am I right?

    The last few weeks on twitter arguing with his followers have shown me beyond a doubt there is no getting through to them. His manipulation has worked perfectly. They’re lost to us forever. From the poor, aggrieved pious evangelicals with their victim complexes to the fact-challenged MAGA bros & cheerleaders;to the self-righteous “Patriot Moms” and pedestrian gun nuts to the sinister, carefully calculating alt-Righters who understand and even revel in their own twisted nature - they’re all gone. They believe everything he says, and the clever ones who know what’s not true just accept and use what he says to their destructive ends. Trump could order their neighbors into camps and they’d comply.

    And worse, they’re prime candidates to follow a future demagogue who’s even more slick than Trump - or just a worse, more fascist version of Trump himself down the road.

    I don’t know what happens to these people. I don’t know what happens to us having to coexist with these people.

  2. The selfish will always be with you.

    And power corrupts. When it becomes all you are truly interested in, it corrupts absolutely.