Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It's his world, and we just live in it?

Roach Motels, according to the President

First, he has to get his Adolf on:

But that's just the wind up; here's the pitch:

Yeah, all those 2 year olds are gonna vote in November!  For MS-13!  Yaaah!!  Boogey-boogey-boogey!  If it wasn't so racist and xenophobic and coming from the POTUS, it would be laughable and as ignorable as Ann Coulter saying these kids are all actors.  But maybe with statements like these we can finally drop any pretense that the President is:  a) rational and b) not a racist.  "Infest"?  Really?  These children are roaches?
I bet they aren't even real kids!  We can't prove they're real families!

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