Friday, August 31, 2018

The Shoe That Hasn't Dropped....Yet

Glenn Greenwald and Alan Dershowitz, in their separate ways (oh, and a large number of GOP Congresscritters, but they're behaving as expected), have declared there is no evidence of "collusion" (read:  conspiracy) or interference in the U.S. election with/by Russia.

Unless they have seen all the evidence listed in that graphic, a list about which Ben Wittes of LawFare opined:

“What does that indicate to you?” [Katy] Tur asked Wittes. “What is the lesson for us there?”

“Well, there’s a lot more than is in that list,” Wittes replied.
Then Messrs. Dershowitz and Greenwald are talking out of their respective posteriors.  "Not proven guilty" is one thing, and in the sense of criminal charges I agree, at least as to those persons who have not already entered guilty pleas or have been tried and convicted.  "No Evidence" is a much broader statement, and it can be declared only on the basis of ignorance.

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