Saturday, September 01, 2018

This Stuff Is Like Candy

And a 50% disapproval rating (setting aside how Rasmussen is always an outlier). But details, right?
They didn't, of course, as the Toronto Star said (and why would Bloomberg leak to the Toronto Star?).
Um, huh?

When you're getting your legal advice from Judicial Watch, the rumors about hiring Emmett Flood seem less than credible.

More authoritative legal advice. And more evidence the only person in the country with Constitutional rights is (or should be) Donald Trump.

These tweets are worth tracking if only because polling indicates no one is paying attention. Oh, he's aware of that, too.
Sure, dude. You're right, and everybody else is wrong. 

And I can't let this go:
So the press should just be courtiers to power? Or there should be no adversarial system? Dershowitz is sounding more and more like DJT. And more and more, people are not listening to DJT.

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