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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Compare and Contrast

From CNN:

“It doesn’t trouble me because, he himself, secretary Pompeo said great progress was made, and I take his word before I take an unnamed source or before I take the north Korean foreign ministry’s assessment,” [Steve] Cortes [Member of President Trump's 2020 Re-elect advisory council] maintained.

Vinograd noted that Trump tweeted that the threat was gone and asked if Cortes believed Pompeo or Trump. Cortes agreed that the threat was gone, again, because North Korea “isn’t firing missiles into the ocean.”
Also from CNN:

On Tuesday, CNN reported that Secretary of State Mark Pompeo, who’d helped oversee Donald Trump’s meeting with King Jong-un, thinks that his own meeting with the North Korean officials had not gone according to plan.

According to sources, Pompeo said it went “as badly as it could have gone.”

Oh, and also this:

"Look, this is a decades long challenge, getting the North Koreans to make a fundamental strategic decision, which is that the nuclear weapons that they possess today frankly present a threat to them and not security," Pompeo said.

Now Pompeo just needs to talk to the President.....


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