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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Are We Having Fun Yet?

So I started this post at midnight or so, shortly after this tweet went up.  I even had excerpts from Rouhani's speech, and a note that the speech preceded the tweet by 21 hours earlier (which means the POTUS learned about this on cable.  Or he kept is rage in check until it was more politically convenient.  Yeah, that's how he works, right?).  And then I went to bed.

The next morning, no one was taking this tweet seriously, especially the Iranians.

And it's all because:  well, why?  You get as many reasons as there are pundits (same as it ever was).  The most interesting part, though, is that Trump won't do anything about it.

We all know Trump is all bluster and no bite.  And by "we all know" I mean tout le monde.  Even Iran mocked him:  "BE CAUTIOUS!"  He's a joke.  He's not going to send bombers or nuclear-tipped cruise missiles flying toward Iran.  Ever.  And troops are not going to start massing on Iran's borders  Where, indeed, would they gather:  Iraq?  Afghanistan?  Syria?  Turkmenistan?  Azerbaijan?  Turkey?

Anybody remember how long it took Poppy to get troops ready to roll into Kuwait?  Does Trump imagine war with Iran can begin with a tweet, and within minutes thousands of troops, equipped and supported, can roll into Tehran?  Does anyone imagine even Trump would turn the U.S. into a pariah nation by being the only country to use nukes twice, and this time to defend our slighted (in his imagination) honor?

The problem is not that Trump is dangerous, the problem is that Trump is foolish.  And he makes the U.S. foolish for being the one who represents all of us.  Besides, we have this:

And this:

And what you don't see in that clip is what else Sessions said:

“Rather than molding a generation of mature and well-informed adults, some schools are doing everything they can to create a generation of sanctimonious, sensitive, supercilious snowflakes. We’re not gonna have it,” he said, continuing on with his speech.
And there's just the problem of keeping up with daily events:

Whoo, boy.


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