Monday, July 30, 2018


There are 17 fires burning in California.  There are 3 burning in Colorado, including the third-largest in the state's history.  There are more than 90 wildfires at the moment, burning from Texas to California.

Trump has made no mention of them. He has ranted on Twitter about the Mueller investigation, praised his poll numbers, campaigned for GOP Congressional candidates, argued about immigration; but nothing about states on fire, lives lost, homes and even towns destroyed. Maybe he's waiting for another chance to throw paper towels.....

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  1. “Fiddling” captures his behavior perfectly. Malignant narcissists are incapable of taking care of anyone other than themselves: they should never be allowed to run a Cub Scout group, much less a country. Lives are being lost. Lives have been lost, in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile he has a 90% approval rating among the mouthbreathers. This is insanity.