Saturday, July 07, 2018

Sure, that's normal.....

Locker room talk about "banging women" or looking at naked women or almost anything to do with women (crude, but that's why it's "locker room talk") would, I should think, go largely unnoticed.

Locker room talk about banging boys, or eyeing naked boys, or anything to do with boys, on the other hand.....

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  1. So, according to Jim Jordan, what happens in a locker room is OK by definition.

    The culture of athletics breeds criminals. It's not really shocking when you consider it's all a matter of the strong crushing the weak, the ruthless winning over other people. Considering Denny Hastert, you have to wonder if the world of wrestling isn't especially prone to this. Considering it's a contact sport, maybe that's not surprising. I remember one guy telling me he dropped out of wrestling when he realized how excited the coach got watching them. It gave him the creeps. And he was gay.