Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Morning Twit

"TOUGH ON TERROR" translates as "What we did to Abu Zubeydah," and which Congress has again declared to be against the law.  "Bright and glorious future" sounds a bit too close to North Korean propaganda for comfort.
What negotiations?  The agreement with Iran involves Russia, China, Germany, France and England as signatories, along with the U.S.  There are no negotations to change it, and now the U.S. is likely to break its word and walk away from the deal.  And then what?  Sanctions on India and China, which buy most of Iran's oil?  Sanctions on Germany and France for trading with Iran, as they do now?  And how, exactly, does walking away from the agreement keep Iran from building a nuclear weapon or a delivery system for it?  I don't think it's John Kerry who is hurting our country.  (Not to mention experts who say Trump has already raised the price of gas, and a withdrawal from the agreement could raise it by 30 cents a gallon or more.  Yeah, that'll be popular.)


  1. When I heard that the price of oil has gone up over the prospect of the Iran agreement being killed I wondered if Trump isn't doing this for Putin who will certainly profit from the price of oil going up. I wouldn't put it past both of them to start a war that kills hundreds of thousands if not millions to make money off of it.

  2. "Because Obama did it" or "Because it will help Putin" seem to be pretty much the two explanations for everything Trump does as POTUS.