Sunday, May 06, 2018

So, Emmett Flood is gonna fix this for Trump, right?


Will he do it by replacing Giuliani?

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was reportedly huddled with his client, President Donald Trump, at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Sunday afternoon after appearing on ABC for a widely-panned morning show appearance.

Getting up to speed on more facts, I guess.

This is like documenting a train wreck happening in slow-motion.  And I thought Nixon was evil and corrupt; he's beginning to look like a choir boy.  And I'm beginning to realize he almost got away with it, and Trump is being caught out more by his incompetence than by the "system" working.


  1. The best words: "George, did that interview just happen? I mean, I'm not being spoofed or anthing, right?" My thoughts exactly as I watched Guiliani.

    In no other administration could a porn actress and her lawyer become folk heroes with numbers of people rooting for them to win the lawsuit against Trump.