Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Glenn Greenwald Seal of Approval

Which, among other things, led to:
And a reminder to many of us who probably need it:
And the cherry on the sundae:
The White House response did not deny the statement was made:

“We respect Senator McCain’s service to our nation and he and his family are in our prayers during this difficult time,” the White House said in a statement to The Hill.

The Hill notes that:
Sadler is a former opinion editor for The Washington Times. At the White House, she focuses on illegal immigration, often sending out press releases to highlight stories about the issue to reporters.

So, is it an accident that happened when this happened yesterday, and was reported today:

Kirstjen Nielsen, the homeland security secretary, told colleagues she was close to resigning after President Trump berated her on Wednesday in front of the entire cabinet for what he said was her failure to adequately secure the nation’s borders, according to several current and former officials familiar with the episode.
Another day in the life of the mole people.  But it's not complete without the end of the NYT article:

Mr. Trump’s anger about immigration has grown in recent weeks, according to several officials. He repeatedly claimed credit for the fact that during his first year in office, illegal border crossings dropped to their lowest levels in decades. But this year, they have risen again, robbing him of one of his favorite talking points.

In remarks to reporters before Wednesday’s meeting, Mr. Trump hinted at the anger that would cause him to erupt once TV cameras were led out of the room.

“We’ve very much toughened up the border, but the laws are horrible,” Mr. Trump said. “The laws in this country for immigration and illegal immigration are absolutely horrible. And we have to do something about it — not only the wall, which we’re building sections of wall right now.”
The laws are "horrible" because reality won't stay where it should:  in the TeeVee.

I love wall.  I love lamp.  And apologize to Sen. McCain and his family?  The President still prefers soldiers who don't get captured.  And wall; he loves wall.

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