Monday, July 22, 2019

Delay, delay, obfuscate, delay

Executive privilege here flew away a long time ago, and Trump can't get it back. He waived it when he didn't raise it during the investigation.

"Deliberative process"  refers to government discussions in formulating policy. I have no idea how that applies to Mueller's investigation.

Attorney work product might apply to any work done in the conduct if the investigation, but all that product is presumably contained in the report itself. Same with anything "law enforcement sensitive."

The last "privilege" is just one Trump made up. It also doesn't apply in the context and even if it did (or existed), it was waived a long time ago.

The legal term for all of this is "squid ink."


  1. If Mueller goes along with this tomorrow, I propose we declare his tower of integrity act to have been an act, his reputation, daddy issues on the part of press and DoJ professionals from when they used to be professionals working themselves out in public. I've about had enough of the Robert "Atticus Finch" Mueller act.

  2. I remember when the TV talking heads praised the appointment of Bill Barr as AG because he was a DOJ institutionalist. Fools all when Barr repeatedly shows himself to be Trump's personal and very protective lawyer.

    I fear Mueller's testimony will not change minds, but I hope I'm wrong. The worst of the hearings will be hostile grandstanding by the committee members of the Trump (former Republican) Party.