Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Innocents in the Border Patrol

Better safe than sorry?

Ted Lieu: Sofi is not a criminal or a national security threat to the United States as a 3-year-old, correct?

Hastings: I don’t know the background in this case, sir.

Ted Lieu: Do you know any 3-year-olds that are criminal or national security threats to the United States?

Hastings: No, I don’t.

Ted Lieu: Sophie’s grandmother was not a national security or criminal threat to the United States, correct?

Hastings: I don’t know—again, I don’t know the background of what her grandmother or relatives were.

Brian S. Hastings is Chief of Law Enforcement Operations for Customs and Border Protection.  Rick Scott is undoubtedly very upset by any suggestion that Chief Hastings is not as innocent as a new-born babe, and just doing his job by treating a 3 year old and her abuela as criminal or national security threats until proven otherwise.

From the CPB website:

To safeguard America's borders thereby protecting the public from dangerous people and materials while enhancing the Nation's global economic competitiveness by enabling legitimate trade and travel.

What the Agency aspires to become...

To serve as the premier law enforcement agency enhancing the Nation's safety, security, and prosperity through collaboration, innovation, and integration.

Our shared identity, beliefs and aspirations...

We are the guardians of our Nation's borders.

We are America's frontline.

We safeguard the American homeland
at and beyond our borders.

We protect the American people against
terrorists and the instruments of terror.

We steadfastly enforce the laws of the United States
while fostering our Nation's economic security through
lawful international trade and travel.

We serve the American people with vigilance,
integrity, and professionalism.


Vigilance is how we ensure the safety of all Americans. We are continuously watchful and alert to deter, detect and prevent threats to our nation. We demonstrate courage and valor in the protection of our nation.

Service to Country is embodied in the work we do. We are dedicated to defending and upholding the Constitution of the United States. The American people have entrusted us to protect the homeland and defend liberty.

Integrity is our cornerstone. We are guided by the highest ethical and moral principles. Our actions bring honor to ourselves and our agency.
I'm trying to puzzle out what high ethical and moral principles aimed at protecting the American people against terrorists and instruments of terror enhance the nation's security by separating a 3 year old from her family for 47 days until a court ordered them to be reunited.

But I'm sure there's an innocent explanation.

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