Tuesday, July 23, 2019

It may be....

That Robert Mueller confines his testimony to whatever is contained in the Mueller Report.  As one Democrat (n the House, name escapes me) said, if all he does is read that report aloud, it would be worth it.

Considering how badly the report has been misrepresented, Mueller talking about what is in it can only be useful.  And as someone who remembers the Watergate hearings, they did not represent a parting of the clouds and a shining light illuminating Truth in the midst of the hearing room.  They were dull, tedious, complicated and almost impossible to make sense of.  Nixon collapsed on big issues, like the White House tapes, which were eventually published and made readily available to all (I had a copy for years).  And they fulfilled Twain's definition of a classic:  "A book which everyone praises but no one reads."

What brought Nixon down was his venality and the willingness of the GOP Senate to punish him for it.  Trump is the triumph of GOP venality stretching back (at least) to Gingrich and actually begun in the anger of the Birchers at the fall of Goldwater to LBJ.  Nothing similar is going to happen if the House holds impeachment hearings.

Besides, who would play Sam Ervin?

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