Sunday, November 24, 2019

He Seems Nice

Maybe one more reason Trump wants to get this case out of the headlines. Because I haven't seen many news reports about the details of the facts against Gallagher.

Of course, I haven't been looking, either. Who has? And now the discussion will turn to Spencer and Esper. Which is a pity, but what can anyone do about Trump?


  1. As the son of both a marine and a navy veteran of WWII, father and mother, respectively, the cult of the Marines and the Navy Seals during the Reagan era and after have got to be reigned in. I think lots of the professionals in both realize that the Hollywood-TV pop-media adulation of them have attracted a lot of people who should never have gotten in - though I'd imagine often that doesn't become apparent until one of them does something like this criminal has. And Trump is upholding the myth of the media that created him for purposes of sheer fascist criminality.

  2. I should add that my father was critical of what the Marines had turned into more than thirty years ago. He deplored Oliver North wearing his uniform to lie to the Senate committee, I don't think I ever saw him quite as angry over a political issue as he was about that.