Sunday, November 24, 2019

"Only Connect."--E.M. Forster

Which is a surprise, but also makes a certain amount of sense when you consider this:
The distrust extends far beyond the staff of the White House.  But don't make Esper a plaster saint, because he apparently was asked to resign for reasons other than Trump's tweet:

Esper may be angry at such an insubordinate subordinate.  It's a fair cop.  Reportedly the problem here is Spencer, not Trump.  So this may be a matter of trust, not of a tweet.  Will this stop here, or result in Trump making a legal order of the matter?  Inquiring minds want to know.

And yet there is a ray of sunshine in the system yet:
"... it is more important than ever that we still have places where the truth can be presented, examined and discerned."  Frankly, toying with the military chain of command is about as exciting and motivating as ignoring the conclusions of the entire intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government.  But the "smoking gun" tape didn't take Nixon down in itself, or in isolation.  It was the last straw, the thing Baker and Specter knew they couldn't defend Nixon on, the last wall that fell and left them nothing to back up against.  Nixon was going down (hell, he was in his second term); they just weren't going to let the GOP go down with him (although it did, only to get the whole of government handed back to them by Jimmy Carter and a feckless Democratic party; but that's another story).

Trump is going down; but how much damage is he going to do to troop morale, military structure, the entire function of government from top to bottom, before he does?  As I said, these questions are abstractions; it is the concrete that will do him in. 

News of this may well turn very solid and real by tomorrow.  We'll see.

Yeah, it's gonna end as a personnel matter.  Even Trump won't go there.

And the last nail in that coffin:

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