Thursday, February 27, 2020

He's a Russian Troll!

Read the thread.  Of course, it's the internet, so this guy could be the Russian troll.

This, by the way, is what's meant by Russian "interference" or "hacking" our elections.  Not invading election machines and changing the outcomes (we screw those up ourselves), but playing the aliens on "The Monsters Are Coming to Maple Street," who only have to make a few lights blink to scare us into turning against each other and dissolving into chaos.  Not quite that dramatically chaotic, but enough to prove democracy a loose cannon on the deck of nations, and persuade Russians they are better of with Putin as leader for life...or Tsar, but don't use that word.

Bernie Sanders says if he's POTUS Putin won't be allowed to interfere, but how will President Sanders stop it?  Cut off the internet in America?  Short of that, there's nothing he can do except yell about it.

Like an angry old man sending back soup in a deli.....

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