Monday, February 24, 2020

When You are #1....

The only way to go is down.

Oh, I don't mean this will be Bernie's undoing; but he's fixing to find out what being the front-runner means.

And whether Bernie likes the attention or not, his supporters surely won't:

One thing is sure:  the questions won't go away.

As I mentioned before, the Superintendent of Schools of my school district has to get a physical exam every year, and see a copy of the report is sent to the School Board.  And a Superintendent of Schools is hardly a POTUS.  The degree of privacy you give up to live in the White House and sit behind the Resolute Desk is high, but it is necessary.  Put up, or shut up.

Meanwhile, the guy in charge is clueless:

And the guy who would replace him thinks Castro is cool:

Nothing against Castro, personally; but why go out of your way to be contrarian on that non-issue that is now an issue?

Is there any possible future in which we aren't completely screwed?

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