Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Coming Around Again

Alright, so let's see how this information from the man who sits atop the entire Administration, fares:

Well, that doesn't help Stone's motion.

Apparently jurors ARE allowed to have opinions, and the law presumes until proven otherwise (not just alleged) that they are able to separate personal opinions from the duty to weigh the evidence on its own merits.  So Presidents may be simpletons, but jurors are not presumed to be.

Not helping; and it still doesn't seem Stone's lawyer is getting anywhere.  Because the best he's got is "Yeah, maybe," and while he wants that to be enough, it isn't.

That's not the legal standard.

And why is the judge doing all this?  Fairness.

Not that the POTUS understands that. (BTW, there are a number of tweets detailing the testimony of jurors who present NO evidence the foreperson (subject of Trump's tweets) pressured the jury in any way on their verdict.  That portion of Stone's motion is pretty much destroyed.)

The twitter feed goes on with coverage of questions the Judge is now asking the jury foreperson, a careful and detailed examination to, again, create a record for the court of appeals.  Or you could be like the President and just watch FoxNews and rant about whatever pushes your buttons there.  Fortunately our legal system is not as stupid as our President.

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