Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Where We Are Now

Judge Jackson walked the intimidation up the ladder from Tucker Carlson to Alex Jones to the Oval Office.  This is not only absolutely extraordinary, it is absolutely reprehensible.  Since it doesn't involve her, would Sen. Collins say this was intimidation? Would any GOP Senator think there might be a need to hear witnesses to decide if there was enough evidence to find an offense worthy of removal from office? Is this how our Presidents are expected to behave?  And how long is it gonna be before Roger Stone refers to the juror's name, number, social media accounts, etc?  Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson won't mind doing it again.  And Donald Trump just wants a fair system; where "fair" means he gets whatever outcome he wants.

And speak of the devil:

The President is a sociopath; and he encourages sociopaths.

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