Saturday, November 28, 2020

And Yet...

Your hand-picked lawyer fired everybody on that suit, parachuted into the hearing, told the judge it was NOT a fraud case, and failed to turn aside the motion to dismiss. The motion said you had no evidence, and your lawyer produced none. The appeal was on the refusal to allow a third amended complaint, which has already been rejected by a panel of the 3rd Circuit. By time you get a motion for rehearing denied (necessary predicate to further appeal), it will be moot.

But all you want is to con the rubes paying you to scream on Twitter.


  1. Trump started his campaign for the presidency with a racist conspiracy theory, that Obama was not a US citizen. He is ending his presidency with a racist conspiracy, that Detroit and other cities had voter fraud. The Republican establishment went along with birtherism because at a minimum they didn't want to rile up their base (at worst because they believed it too). The Republican establishment goes along with the voter fraud claims because they don't want to rile up the base (and because they may well believe it too.) There have been a lot of articles of how the Republican establishment will reassert control once Trump leaves the stage, either in January or after the 2024 primary/election. I don't believe it. The Republican party, from base to elite, haven't changed (I would trace this back to Gingrich). Because root and branch the party believes or is very willing to go along with a voter fraud conspiracy, there is no motivation to change.

    1. Sometimes I think the insider media and pundits are the ones who have a long term memory problem, I'll bet a lot of the don't remember the Gingrich years. Considering he's one of them, these days, that's remarkable. I think that analysis of the Republican party is right, it's not going to go back to the George H. W. Bush bunch of gangsters with a sheen coat of old-money. It's the full on gangster rule party not bothering with a cover story now.

  2. I should correct the claim that the PA lawyers were fired. Other campaign aides (it’s a Trump campaign suit) now say the lawyers quit rather than make Giuilani’s argument. The initial story may have been CYA by the campaign. Either way, it’s chaos in the White House right now.

    Isn’t that why transitions are so dangerous?