Thursday, November 19, 2020

Dead Men Voting Controlling The Vote

Is he that good an actor? Or that much a fool? 🤔 Both can be true; just ask Q-Anon. But that's how devious it is! Even the hand-count was fooled! I actually take that analysis quite seriously. It fits in with a sense of spiritual loss/emptiness that I think lies at the heart of much of modern life, and has for centuries. Kierkegaard diagnosed it in 19th century Denmark. Very little has changed. 

And for those of you who think a brief trip through some facts might be refreshing: You can bad mouth the courts if you like. At the moment, they are going to save us. And yet they haven't proved it, and they can't prove it, where it might matter: in a court of law. Elections are not decided in the court of public opinion; neither before the election, nor after. Which "Republican state legislator"? Not only anti-democratic, but openly fascist. Huh. He's got a point. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and these are public officials. And if only because: Sadly, yes. I was just watching the latest season of "The Crown" (and yes, I know it's not a documentary!). Margaret Thatcher has a role, as it covers the period of her 11 years as PM. Toward the end, as it's clear she no longer has the votes, she gathers her party members one by one, and each says he is loyal to her; but, she doesn't have the votes. In the end, she didn't. So the last we see of her is as she leaves 10 Downing Street. She tells the Queen (this part is probably purely imaginary) that being PM is the only thing she is passionate about. She really doesn't, IOW, want to leave. She does, anyway. She retires to live in another city (not London), etc. NEVER thought I'd hear/read David Frum saying/writing this. "In a more democratic culture." Aye, there's the rub. Culture and spiritual malaise walk hand in hand.

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