Friday, November 20, 2020

“Elite Strike Force Team”

The only votes that were bad are the ones for Biden. But the only “leader” who counts is Trump. The remedy requested here is to simply declare Trump the winner and leave the other races alone. It’s as absurd as it sounds. The fraud or malfeasance or maladministration only affects Trump (he has no standing to affect the other races) and means Trump was harmed because voters got to follow PA law. That’s the problem: they’re asking the court to rewrite PA law. Basically the problem is people who voted got to correct their ballots, and presumably all those people voted for Biden, and Trump is harmed because he can’t discard those ballots, and the only cure is to declare Trump the winner. Not canvass the ballots, or assess which ballots were “improperly” amended, and tally the “legal “ ballots, but just give it to Trump.  “Ya Honor, if dat ain’t justice, what is?”

I take it back: they aren’t asking the court to rewrite the law. They’re asking the court to ignore the law and the election and give it to Trump. Because Trump shoulda won! “Elite strike force team,” donchaknow?

(And of course, if PA’s votes are NOT certified, the electoral college is merely reduced by the number of PA’s electoral votes; and Biden still wins. Trump cannot win, no matter what he does.)

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