Thursday, November 19, 2020

Chaos? Or Made To Order?

So, is this situation:

1) Trump throwing a temper tantrum?

2) Trump trying to bend the system to his will, including the GOP?

3) A long planned scheme of the GOP?

Some in the article say 3 is correct. Seems far-fetched, but why is the GOP kowtowing to Trump? Georgia (the runoff)? Fear of his base? (I don’t buy this one. Out of sight is out of mind, especially in politics). Fear of tweets? They know Trump can’t win, that he’s already lost. Is this a scheme? Seems unlikely, but why not? Too conspiratorial? Too devious? Too many people to keep such a secret?

Still, the GOP insistence on voter suppression for decades is undeniable. Lindsay Graham is on record saying the GOP has to win this election or never win the Presidency again. Hyperbole? Or fear? What drives voter suppression, except fear? Is there a plan, and Graham is saying the quiet part out loud? Why did he call the Georgia SOS and ask about vote counts and suppressing ballots? Idle curiosity? Hardly likely.

Is the GOP really willing to burn the village down if they can’t rule it? Considering the actions of Mitch McConnell for the last 12 years, his singular focus on judges, his complete indifference to any relief for a country buckling from the complete failure to contain Covid; and now the Senate is in recess for 12 days, what other conclusion can be drawn?

This is not a concatenation of circumstances. It is the culmination of them. Their number didn’t come up on the wheel, so they’re trying to overturn the table and steal the winnings they didn’t earn.

What other conclusion can there be?

Or it’s that circumstances in Trumpworld are worse than we can imagine. or Trump is: One explains the GOP; the other explains Trump. It probably is at least that complicated.

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