Sunday, November 29, 2020

This Is The End, My Beautiful Friend, The End

 Giuliani did not appeal the dismissal of the PA suit on substantive grounds. He appealed the denial of his motion to amend the Complaint a third time. He wanted to reinstate the conspiracy theories of the original. Problem was, he couldn’t provide any facts or reasons why the Court should allow that.

This is what the 3rd Circuit ruled on. That court declined to order the trial court to allow a third amended complaint. The appeal to the Supreme Court can only be on that issue: allowing the Complaint to be amended a third time. Granting that appeal would not decertify the PA vote. It would only micromanage the trial court purely on the authority of being the Supreme Court. A very bad ruling, IOW, which would weaken SCOTUS and do nothing for Trump.

In other words, nothing in Trump’s tweet resembles reality. Giuliani presented no evidence in court, and he can’t present any on appeal that isn’t already in the record. If Trump is getting legal advice he’s being lied to. Then again, he’s lying to himself and to us.

He’s finished, and he knows it. Why else would he fly off to Camp David before he can’t anymore?


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