Monday, June 14, 2021

With God As My Witness....

I had no idea Greg Abbott was this stupid. NO shit. And ERCOT can't tell us what's wrong, either: Except that, frankly, it all sounds like February; the only difference being, extreme cold in Texas is extremely rare. Extreme heat in Texas, in the summer,* is extremely normal.
“I don’t have any potential reasons [for the plant outages] that I can share at this time,” said Warren Lasher, ERCOT senior director of systems planning, during a Monday call with media. “It is not consistent with fleet performance that we have seen over the last few summers.” 

The number of plants that were forced offline today is “very concerning” Lasher said.

I feel so much better. 

*I don’t care what the calendar says, summer in Texas arrives as early as Memorial Day. And when it does Spring, which is seldom more than a slightly milder version of winter in Texas, is just a memory. It’s hot and then it gets hotter, and it doesn’t cool down until December, if then. A lot of power plants are off-line because ERCOT said: “Sure, go off-line, what could go wrong?”

And the best part is, the law Abbott signed will replace many board members on ERCOT, who were ostensibly experts, with political appointees approved by the Governor, Lite Guv., and Speaker. There’s a reason we elect judges in Texas: we don’t want clowns like that doing it instead. It ain’t perfect, but it could be so much worse. And now ERCOT is going to be: so much worse.

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  1. Hostility toward the federal government comes with a high cost. I used to wonder if it's a hold-over from the Civil War period or just the Civil Rights period. Though there's plenty of it in the north, too. New Hampshire used to be absolutely full of it, especially back when they elected people like Mel Thomson to run the place. Maine under LePage was like that though Republican-fascists here couldn't afford to try anything as ambitious as they did in Texas. What a frickin' mess. I hope it at least leads people to learn something, it doesn't generally. I don't know if LePage is still talking about running again.